Monthly Archives May 2016

Watchic Lake Risk Assessment – Thanks for Your Support

Thank you to the Watchic Lake Association members and Watchic Lake property owners who attended our meeting on Friday May 20 at Standish Town Hall, During the meeting we reviewed and discussed our recent work on assessing risks to Watchic lake, and possible actions plans. Based on our 2015 Member Survey results, we have a better understanding of your key issues and concerns. We know that land use patterns within the watershed (e.g. new development, gravel pits, horse/livestock areas, beaches
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New Buoy and Water Quality Data Loggers

You may have noticed a small red buoy on the south end of the lake, about mid-way between Watchic Road 5 and East Eleanor Ave. This happens to be the deepest part of the lake (~40 feet or 12.5 m), and an important area for us to monitor. The data gathered from the system connected to this buoy will allow us to better understand water quality and track changes in order to more quickly act to remediate or prevent issues.
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