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Open Letter from Maggie Shannon Regarding LakeSmart

To all our friends on Watchic Lake, I’m thrilled to say LakeSmart was active on 54 lakes and ponds (23 more than 2015) in 13 Maine counties in 2016. Our combined efforts engaged 212 lakefront homeowners. 135 of them received the coveted LakeSmart Award, and 55 are LoonSmart. LakeSmart volunteers across Maine reported over 1,000 hours of volunteer service. According to Independent Sector, which assigns a dollar value to volunteer hours by state, LakeSmart volunteers contributed $21,462 to protecting Maine
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Dam Update – Now at Full Open as of 11/15/2016

The dam was opened to full winter position (maximum outflow) on Tuesday 11/15/2016. After about a week, the water should be at winter level. Related to the water level, we retrieved the data loggers and took in the buoy November 1. Preliminary analysis is that the lake has turned over and has a uniform temperature of about 50 F. Again, thank you all for your understanding as we tried to address well water level concerns raised by this unusually dry
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