World Wildlife Fund – Watchic For Wildlife

Everyone who knows Eileen Burnell, know she loves Watchic Lake and loves all wildlife. She has dedicated many years to volunteering on the lake to help project our wildlife.

From August 12-21, Eileen will join with nature lovers from across the country as they all paddle on their favorite bodies of water in support of our planet. To do this, they need more than stamina – Eileen requests your support by paddling along with her, or with a donation to the fundraising page.

Eileen and those who join the paddle care very deeply about Watchic Lake in Maine. They value the precious lake and the wildlife that lives in and around the lake. They will paddle on Watchic Lake to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund with a sense of stewardship for the lake that we love and the entire planet.

To help, Eileen can be reached at 603-630-4296 and Or see the World Wildlife Fund – Watchic for Wildlife page to make a donation. This organization is not affiliated with the Watchic Lake Association.