Our Members, Supporters, and Friends

The Watchic Lake Association depends on the support of Watchic Lake property owners and users to fund our day to day efforts of invasive plant monitoring, checking water quality, maintaining the dam, communicating with our members, etc. Strong membership also demonstrates to various town, regional, and state agencies the active involvement of the Watchic Lake community in maintaining and improving the lake.

THANK YOU to our members, sponsors, and friends!

2019 Annual Meeting


Should you have questions about this list or see errors in the list, please fill in our Contact Us form and we’ll do our best to address your concerns. This list includes voting members and friends and valid as of September 29, 2019. An asterisk denotes a Lifetime member.

Andrew J. Acampora
Margaret Acampora
Thomas Albert
Dana Albert
Judith Ambrose
Rob Amrein
Kathleen Amrein
Ed Asali
Cathy Austin
Terry Babcock
Robert Babcock
Dean A. Baker*
Paul B. Baptiste
Sheila Bard*
Jay Barta
Maynard Bean
John Blake*
Scott Blake*
David Bradbury*
Elaine Bradbury*
Steven Bradbury*
Victoria Brega
Robert Brisk
Jay Buckley
Fred Burkhardt
Eileen D Burnell*
Shawn Burnell*
Julie Butler
Matt Campbell*
Albert C. Cardente*
Patricia T. Center*
Stephen B. Center*
Eric P. Martuza
Stephanie Martuza
Roberta Coates
Wendy M. Davis*
Robert Dorr
Donal F. Drew
Martha S. Drew
Claire J. Drew*
Nancy E. Emerson
Mary Ford
Al Gerard
Brenda Gerardo
Bethany Gerry
Elaine R. Goodrich
Patricia Guenthner*
Hannaford Markets
Margaret Hayes
Martha Henrikson
Bob and Izzy Higgins*
William Houlihan
Elva Houlihan
Jennean S. Hunter
Tim Johnson
Robert Joslyn
Michelle Juliano*
Stacey Kane
Joseph Keeley
Keller Williams Real Estate
Colleen Kelley*
Priscilla Kotyk
John Kotyk
Stephen Lajoie
Kimberly Lajoie
Rick Luthe*
Michael Lynch
Monica Mahoney
Joanne R. Majka
Carl Marean
Donald Marean
Linda Marean
Sandy Marino
William Marsh
Carl Martenson
Linda Martenson
David Maus
Sintia Maus
Geraldine McCaul
Wayne McCaul
Bruce McNulty
Nancy McNulty
Paul McNulty
Rebecca Ruth Mead*
Maynard Meserve
Bernice Mills
Peter Mills
John Moon
Richard Morrill
Lisa Morse
Steve Morse
Pamala Mosley
George Mosley
Brian Moynihan
Gerald W. Murray
Lorna E. Murray
Matt Narel
Deborah Nugent
John Pace*
Stephen M. Parker
Debbie Paul
Ida Peterson
Nancy Peterson*
Deanie Pike
Merryl D. Plasse
Jeffrey Pratt
Henry Raymond*
Kim Reali
Rob Richardson
Dale Rines
Stephen Rines*
John T. Rines*
Wendi V. Rodrigueza*
Douglas Roncarati
Travis Roney
James Roy
David Rutter
Saco River Dentistry
Keith Sanborn
David Sanborn*
Helen Sawyer
Seasonal Solutions
Eric Shute
James Simpson
Bradford G. Sloat
Owen Smith
Leigh Smith
Clarke B. Smith*
Nancy Smyth
Michael Smyth
Charles E. Stickney
Phil Stocker
Brian J. Strathman
Marjorie Swett
Patricia Taylor
Town of Standish
Pramya Tuladhar
Brian Valente
James Venetos*
George Warnock
Catherine Watson*
Allan Wentworth
Diane Wentworth
Thomas C. West
Agnes Wiggin*
Richard Wiggin*
Bridget Young*