Dam Report – Watchic Lake 2013

The dam operated flawlessly for the year. The dam was closed April 14, 2013 at ice out to raise the lake level for the season. Full pond water level was not achieved until June, due to the light spring run-off. During the summer the dam was opened 8 times to the first position for total of 23 days. This maintained the lake level within plus or minus 1 inch of full pond for the summer well within the plus or minus 3 inch goal. A steady flowage from the lake was maintained for the whole summer once full pond was reached in the spring. The dam was opened to the first position October 14, 2013 to lower the water level for the winter. By opening to the first position the rate of lowering the water level was spread over several weeks compared to several days if the dam had been fully opened. November 2 the dam was opened to the full open position for the winter season.

The gate had been tentatively scheduled for replacement in 2013. This did not get accomplished and will be rescheduled. No additional risk was involved by not replacing the gate in 2013, but it still has to be done in the next few years.

The WLA board of directors has been concerned about safety and liability at the dam for years. Liability insurance has not been available. The area around the dam has been used by locals not knowing the risk for years. The board then decided to remediate the risk as much as possible by improving safety at the dam. This work was completed in the fall of 2013, with new signs and buoys being installed

David Bradbury
Dam Committee