Watchic Lake Stewardship Fund Overview

During these trying times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are postponing the launch of our Stewardship fund raising activities for 2020. Our goal remains the same – raising additional fund for larger/strategic projects, but recognize some may find it difficult to pledge support of this effort during 2020. If you are fortunate enough to be able to pledge towards our Stewardship Fund or donate to the association this year, we would greatly appreciate your support. More information below.

The funds we raise from dues and smaller donations support ongoing water quality testing, education (e.g. LakeSmart and website), website registration and maintenance, member mailings, smaller remediation/repair projects, etc.

Protecting the lake over the long term requires that we raise additional funds for larger/strategic projects. Our primary focus is to ensure a rapid response to an invasive infestation. In addition, funds can help us quickly address road/culvert failures, support larger runoff remediation projects, etc. To fund these important strategic initiatives and help us secure other grants, our goal is to raise $350,000 over the next ten years (2019-2028).

The Watchic Lake Stewardship Funds builds on the success we had starting in 2009 funding and then managing long term risks to the lake. Examples of work already completed include:

  • Installing a new runoff management system along Route 113 to eliminate algal blooms which included a toxic cyanobacteria bloom.
  • Working with the Hi-Vu road association to address a key source of runoff into the lake
  • Working with the Dorothy Drive road association to significantly reduce runoff from their boat ramp.
  • Making major repairs to the dam – designed 25 years of service

More background on the program, why its important, and the types of work it will support can be found in here Watchic Lake Stewardship Program Details.

To pledge your support of this next ten year effort, click on the button below to download our pledge form.
Download Pledge Form

  • You can fill it out online, print, sign, and mail it to Watchic Lake Association, PO Box 319, Standish ME 04084
  • Or you can save the form to your device, fill it out, and email it to Agnes Wiggin at

Thank you!

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