Welcome to Watchic Lake!

Eagle Spotted July 2022 in Watchic Lake. Courtesy John Kotyk.

Watchic Lake is a 448 acre spring fed lake. The first camp on the lake was built in 1900, and there are now about 250 properties on the lake. Watchic Lake offers clean water, swimming, good fishing, and a variety of wildlife. The Watchic Lake Association works to improve, protect, and preserve the lake’s water quality and fragile ecosystem.

Winter Dam Opening Began October 30

Ahead of the large storms and rains in late October, the dam gate was opened to the number one position and to slowly lower the level for the winter. In keeping with our target winter opening date of November 1, on October 30, the dam was set in the full open position. More info on the Dam can be found here: About the Dam.

2022 Membership – Its Time Renew or Join

Thank you to all our members, who made 2022 a record breaking year for membership (however still only 43% of properties are members). If you have not already, please take a moment to join or renew your WLA membership. Your support helps fund water quality testing, dam maintenance, invasive plant mitigation, and securing grants for lake property owners and road associations. See our membership page for more details. Membership is $40 per year for an individual and $75 per year for two family members.