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Cyanobacteria: a Significant Threat to the Lake

In 2023, shoreline cyanobacteria blooms occurred around the lake in early September and late October. Cyanobacteria are generally a symptom of excessive stormwater running into the lake. Cyanobacteria (commonly called blue-green algae) are microscopic organisms, technically bacteria, that use photosynthesis to make their own food. They are naturally occurring in the phytoplankton of the lake, however, warm water and rich nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen from runoff can cause cyanobacteria to bloom and grow out of control. Blooms look like
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Salt and Fare – Support Our Lakes

Watchic Lake Branded Clothing, Household Items, etc Stacey Kane offers Watchic Lake gifts, clothing, and memorabilia. Profits are exclusively for the benefit of the Watchic Lake Association. A sampling of products offered below. If you’d like to place an order directly, please visit “Support Our Lake” for a full set of items and pricing.
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