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Loon with Chick 2013

Loon with Chick 2013

If you have a general inquiry about the loons, please fill in our contact us form. If you have a more pressing issue, please contact Kim Lajoie at (603) 493-2594 or Steve Lajoie at (603) 731-3216. Kim and Steve are volunteer loon monitors on Watchic Lake.

A common concern is “loons in distress”, meaning the loons are acting oddly. This is generally is normal loon behavior due to:

  • There is an loon attacking from underwater. This is how they fight (usually for territory). It’s quite effective given the size and power of their beaks.
  • It’s a male loon showing off for a female. This can look quite dramatic!

It is rare that the loon is caught in fishing line. If this should happen, there is little WLA volunteers can do, other than contact the Warden Service. More info on injured or dead loons can be found at the Maine Audubon website If You Find an Injured or Dead Loon.