2019 Watchic Lake Watershed Protection Plan.

The Watchic Lake Association is updating its 1999 watershed protection plan for Watchic Lake and the Watchic Lake watershed. The Association has contracted with FB Environmental to conduct field surveys of Watchic Lake and the surrounding areas beginning in April 2019. Field scientists will be looking at the lake itself, two tributaries (Page Brook and Paine Brook), as well as developed areas within the watershed that were identified as high priority in the 1999 watershed plan. FB Environmental is a respected environmental consulting organization based in Portland ME and has done work for the Association in the past. More on FBE can found at www.fbenvironmental.com

The exact dates of the survey work will be weather dependent as the field team will try to understand issues during/after rain events. If you do not want our scientists to cross your land, please contact Margaret Burns via email at margaretb@fbenvironmental.com or at 603-534-0600. Property owners on and near the lake will receive a US Postal Service post card notifying them of this work. Those who have subscribed to our email list have already received this information.

Once the field information is collected and compiled, watershed residents and town officials will be invited to attend a watershed planning meeting in June and/or July when the updated watershed plan will be presented. We will present the plan at the WLA annual meeting as well. Please us our Contact Us form if you have questions about the project or would like to be involved in future watershed activities.

This will be an EPA Section 319-compliant watershed protection plan. It will explain water quality conditions, set water quality goals, document shoreline conditions, note current and potential runoff risk areas, and detail suggested next steps for improvements around the lake. This plan is a pre-requisite for federal 319 funds we might apply for and will strengthen our applications for private grants we might need to address risks to the lake.

As background, the largest long-term concerns for water quality at Watchic Lake are related to development in and around the Watchic Lake watershed. The increased use of the lake by renters, planes, and new owners; raise the risk of an invasive plant infestation and pollutants (e.g., phosphorus) from stormwater runoff (which  increase the risk of algal blooms and generally reduce water quality). The possibility of a “100-year storm” increases the risk for a catastrophic failure of roads and culverts around the lake.

Thank you in advance for your support of this project!