Watchic Lake Memories

Paine Neighborhood House Watercolor, CKR Images

In about 1752 a group of veterans from King Georges War were granted rights to the land that is now Standish Corner. Settlement began slowly and a fort was built to protect against Indian raids. The fort was inhabited by six families with an estimated total of 65 people. Eventually the town of Standish was incorporated in 1785, and as of 2020 has a population of about 10,300. More detailed early history information can be found at the Town of Standish website and at the Maine An Encyclopedia website.

The area around Watchic Lake was for years primarily used for farming and grazing. The first cottage reported to have been built on the lake was in 1892, and was the Hartford Cottage (a yellow Victorian) on what is now Hartford Lane. As of 2020, there are approximately 250 properties around the lake, some directly on the waterfront and others with right of ways to access the lake. The dam at the north end of the lake was constructed in 1850 and was deeded to the Watchic Lake Association by Central Maine Power in 1956.

There are many stories and memories from people living and vacationing on Watchic Lake. We’ve included a few here and encourage you to add your comments or send your stories to us via our Contact Us form