The WLA Board

Interested in joining the board or attending a meeting? We are looking for new members. To learn more about what we do, or how to become a member, please use our Contact Us page.

The WLA board is an all volunteer group… meeting and working in our spare time. If you have an interest in joining the board, attending a meeting to discuss a specific topic, or helping on any our projects, please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Board members and officers as of July 8, 2023:

  • Paul McNulty, President
  • Stephanie Parker, Vice President
  • Agnes Wiggin, Treasurer
  • Chris Martino, Secretary
  • Nancy McNulty, Historian
  • Rob Brisk
  • David Burnell
  • Stacey Kane
  • Bill Murray
  • Travis Roney
  • Owen Smith
  • Rick Wiggin

Recent WLA Board Meeting Notes

The WLA Board meets nine to ten times per year to review work completed and planned in such areas as water quality testing, the state of the dam, progress on remediation projects, events, etc. We generally meet at one of the board members’ home, at Standish Town Hall, or via Zoom. We include a summary of recent board meetings here:

Click or touch here for The Watchic Lake Association Bylaws, adopted by our members in 2010.