Maine Act to Strengthen Shoreland Zoning.

The WLA encourages you to learn more about Maine LD 2101, and Act to Strengthen Shoreland Zoning Enforcement.

From the Maine Lakes Society “Maine’s strong shoreland zoning rules are critical to protecting lake water quality and wildlife habitat. But when rules are ignored, enforcement of shoreland zoning can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Some homeowners and developers violate shoreland zoning rules by cutting trees along the water’s edge, removing vegetation that stabilizes shoreline and helps keep water clean, or adding jetties, stairs, rocks, boat launches, sand, and other features without the required permits. Fines may be assessed and paid as the “cost of doing business,” but the long-term damage leaves a permanent legacy of erosion and lake pollution that affects all who use the lake long into the future. LD 2101 will hold shoreland zoning violators accountable”.

To learn more from Maine Lakes about LD 2101 and how you can help, click here for Maine Legislative Alert.