Dam Safety Improved

Watchic Lake Dam Safety

The area around the dam has been used for years by folks not always understanding the risk of injury. The WLA board felt it was time to reduce the risk and improve the safety for all users of Watchic Lake. During the fall of 2013, dam safety has been improved by:

Better signage: Provide signs that warn of the hazards, and place them so can be seen from the water at a safe distance (100 feet from shore). Also, new No Trespassing signs were installed on the ends of the dam building. Thanks to Don Drew who recently install the signs.

New buoys : Install buoys on a 100 foot ling float line in front of dam gate area to limit access to gate area and fast moving water. These will be seasonal and installed in the spring. Thanks to Julie Butler who donated the buoy line.

Add fencing: Provide fencing at all fall hazards and limit access to the gate works. This work was completed in November. Thanks to David Bradbury who drafted a layout and plan of the area showing fence and gate placement. And thanks to Gorham Fence who did an excellent and timely job in stalling the fencing.

As a reminder the targeted level for the lake or “full pond” is the top of the dam spillway. We maintain this level within plus or minus three inches using the dam. This helps the lake water quality, protects the shoreline during the winter months, and is required for the downstream eco system.