Water Quality Status (Winter 2013 – 2014)


Wikimedia Commons, T Bach

This winter the lake has been consistently covered with an ice sheet that has provided a good surface for many winter activities. Reports by those who have been fishing the lake this winter have indicated that the catch has been good to date. Pending a slow snow melt and ease into spring, conditions are such that lake water quality should remain consistent.

In August 2013, the Watchic Lake Association (WLA) was notified by local authorities that a complaint regarding septic discharge to the lake had been lodged by a resident. WLA members performed response activities that included discussions with local and state regulatory agencies, visual investigation of the alleged release, and lake water sampling activities. Lake water samples were collected in the vicinity of the alleged release, as well as control locations for comparison, and analyzed by Katahdin Laboratories for the presence of coliform bacteria. All sample results were similar and did not indicate that a release to the lake had occurred. This incident provided an opportunity for WLA members to work with regulatory agencies, lake residents, and outside vendors to coordinate response activities.

As has been noted in prior reports, the lake’s water quality is in a favorable condition and is supporting a diverse eco-system consisting of many types of plants and wildlife. Further assessment of lake water quality will be performed in the spring of 2014.

Eben Joslyn, Volunteer Lake Monitor