Picking the Right Plants

Lakesmart Buffer Zone with Mixed VegetationThe Portland Water District is dedicated to helping all of us better maintain our lakefront property and thus the quality of our lakes. They remind us that vegetated buffers of trees, shrubs and groundcover plants catch sediment and other pollution before it reaches lakes or streams. Trees and shrubs intercept raindrops and reduce their impact on the soil. Low growing plants and the “duff” layer on the ground filter runoff. Root systems hold soil in place and absorb water and nutrients. In addition, buffers can enhance privacy, filter noise and wind, and attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

As you think about your fall yard and garden projects, give some thought to the best plants for the lake.

Much more detailed information is available from the Portland Water District on the type of plants to choose for your specific location.

See our Help Protect the Lake section of this site for many more tips.