Invasive Plant Scare

Members of the Watchic Lake Association regularly check for invasive plants when they are out on the lake (many are Maine certified). Recently a volunteer spotted something concerning. They took a sample and sent it off for analysis by the Water Resource Specialist at Portland Water District.

From the Water Resource Specialist: “The plant you brought in yesterday is called “Sago Pondweed.”  It’s not considered a rare plant but it certainly isn’t common either.  I had to get out the books for that one!  It’s a native plant. I am impressed by the dedicated group of folks you have around Watchic Lake.  It’s really nice to see a group of people that care about their lake.”  Sago Pondweed, seems to also be a good source of food for waterfowl.

This serves a reminder to all of us to always remove all plants from your canoe, kayak, boat, trailer, oars/paddles, fishing gear and anchor when going in and out of a body of water. Dispose of any plants in the trash – not onto the ground.

The photos below demonstrate how important an expert opinion is to assess any questionable plants. If you see something concerning contact us with a photo and/or a sample.

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Sago Pondweed

Sago Pondweed – Native to Maine

Maine DEP Eurasian Milfoil

Eurasian Milfoil – Invasive in Maine