It Gets Chilly on the Lake


Watchic Lake January 2015It’s been a cold and snowy winter so far on the lake. The snow started in December and keeps on coming, with about six feet on the ground, including the recent Valentine’s Day blizzard. And it’s been cold, with below average temperatures for most the month (many nights below 10 degrees).

Though cold and snowy, the sunsets can still warm you, and there is plenty of action on the lake with snowmobiling, ice fishing and more.

As nice as ice fishing sounds, we are definitely looking forward to spring!

And keep in mind that when spring comes all that snow (with its road salt) will melt – 72 inches of snow is about the same as 5 inches of rain. Please consider snow-melt runoff when clearing driveways, roads, and walkways. Managing snow-melt is similar to managing rain runoff, with more info here “Help protect the lake”.

Watchic Lake December 2014 Fishing

Watchic Lake December 2014 Snomobile

First Snow November-14