Watchic Lake Survey: Great Feedback So Far, More Still Needed

Your Opinion Counts 2

In the past two weeks nearly 50 people have completed our 2015 survey. Thank you to all that have responded! For those that have not yet replied, we’d love to hear from you! As a Watchic Lake user, neighbor, and/or property owner, you likely received this survey by mail, but if you did not, please take a few minutes to download, print, and return this survey by April 30 2015.

Our mission is to improve, protect, and preserve the lake’s water quality and fragile ecosystem. When Watchic Lake users and property owners complete this survey we can better understand your issues, concerns and suggestions regarding your enjoyment of the lake. This survey has been sent to approximately 250 households – we’d love to get 100% participation to best reflect the concerns of all on the lake.

We plan to review the results of the survey at our July Annual Meeting.