A Simple Way You Can Help Protect Watchic Lake

Protect our Lake SignYour top three concerns, as conveyed in the recent WLA survey, were avoiding invasive plants, protecting the loons, and maintaining water clarity.

Most regular users of the lake know what they can do regarding these three areas. However, many renters and visitors may not know the importance, for example, of removing plant-life from their kayaks or using lead free fishing gear.

The Watchic Lake Association has created a simple and compelling sign to help educate your visitors and renters about how they can help protect the lake. This is a high quality sign made of 2 MM thick aluminum that is 10 by 14 inches and designed for outdoor use. We suggest these signs be posted near your dock area or on pathway to the water’s edge.

If you are interested, we ask that you help cover the cost of the sign with a $25 donation to the Watchic Lake Association. To get started, we have ordered only a small number of signs, so the faster you request one, the more likely we’ll have one. Based on demand and feedback, we will order more. Click here to view a larger image of the sign.

Please fill out our Contact Us form with your contact info and Watchic Lake address, and we’ll follow up with you directly.