Watchic Lake Risk Assessment – Thanks for Your Support

WLA Risk Assessment ReportThank you to the Watchic Lake Association members and Watchic Lake property owners who attended our meeting on Friday May 20 at Standish Town Hall, During the meeting we reviewed and discussed our recent work on assessing risks to Watchic lake, and possible actions plans.

Based on our 2015 Member Survey results, we have a better understanding of your key issues and concerns. We know that land use patterns within the watershed (e.g. new development, gravel pits, horse/livestock areas, beaches with eroding sand, logging, two state highways, and private roads) may be impacting water quality.

Understanding the limits of our own knowledge, we commissioned a third party expert, FB Environmental, to work with us to evaluate the lake and the watershed. FBE is an environmental consulting firm with offices in Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH. They have conducted detailed assessments for more than 1,000 water-bodies in New England since 2001. Working together with FBE, this project includes the following tasks:

  • Identify key risk areas and suggest remediation efforts for 2016, 2017, and beyond.
  • Recommend best practices for water quality monitoring and management.
  • Work with the Town of Standish for advice and financial support.

You can find the full Risk Assessment Report here.

Again, thank you!