2016 Water Quality Report Available

Summary of Watchic Lake 1974 to 2016 Total Phosphorous, Chlorophyll-A, and Secchi (clarity) readings.We have completed our 2016 water quality report for Watchic Lake. The data used in this report comes from readings done by FB Environmental and WLA volunteers. All data has been certified and has been submitted to Maine VLMP. This report includes a much richer set of testing than we have done in the past. In addition, the report includes some great educational material on water quality management.

In summary, the report states that the water quality for the main body of Watchic Lake is overall very good, but we need to watch out for: Low Oxygen, Internal Phosphorous Loading, and Low PH. Water quality is fair at the streams entering the lake at Paine and Page brooks. Stream quality is felt only to be fair due to Low Oxygen, Low PH, and Elevated Nutrients. This is the first year we have measured the streams, and will continue to do so in 2017.

While water quality is good today, Watchic Lake remains at risk over the long term. Ever increasing human activities within the watershed can increase the amount and transport of harmful pollutants and dangerous foreign materials into the lake and its streams. Catastrophic events such as mega-storms put roads, drainage systems, and septic systems at risk of introducing toxic runoff. As property owners and interested stakeholders, we must continue to work to address these risks, in order to avoid algal blooms, excessive plant growth, and uncontrolled shoreline erosion.

We thank all our members, sponsors, and especially the Town of Standish, for supporting this study.

Please read the full report here , learn more about our Watchic Lake water quality in general, and use the Contact Us page should you have questions.