Why “Super-humus” is Good for Your Lakefront Landscaping.

Did you know that the tires on our vehicles wear down on the roads, leaving tiny bits on the roads, which then washes across the roads down onto our lakefront properties? With Watchic Lake being bordered by two main roads and dozens of smaller camp roads, runoff is a real problem.  To prevent the tiny bits of tires (along with other stuff) from polluting our lake we need to zip up the shoreline.

Plants and trees are the natural barrier.  But if you have paths to your docks or beaches, super humus (aka “erosion control mix”) can be used instead of regular mulch.  Super humus is different than other mulching because it locks tightly together and holds water better.  Click for more information on super humus from the Portland Water District.

Sadly it is a special product that is not yet found in most garden centers.  Listed here are two suppliers of super humus near Watchic lake.

Gorham Sand & Gravel, 939 Parker Farm Road, Buxton, ME. Tel: (207) 839-2442

O’Donal’s Nursery, 6 County Road, Gorham, ME. Tel: (207) 839-4262