The Watchic Lake Dam in Action

The Watchic Lake Dam in action – these photos show the front and inside of the dam with the gate adjusted to drain surplus water from the lake. Our goal in the spring is to raise the water level fairly quickly after ice-out to protect loon nests and eggs from flooding.

The top of the concrete of the dam at the gate is considered full pond (i.e. the desired summer level of the lake). The top of the wooden gate is about 2″ lower than the concrete dam to allow flowage in the lake and keep an active stream below the dam. We allow some excess of water to flow over the top of the dam (1 1/2″ ) before the gate is opened.

WLA volunteers monitor the water level and adjust the dam gate as needed to balance shoreline protection with loon nest protection.

Watchic Lake Dam 2017

Interior of dam.

Watchic Lake Dam 2017

Exterior of dam.