Blanding’s Turtles Around Watchic Need Your Help

Maine Endangered Blanding's Turtle close up

The endangered Blanding’s turtle has been spotted near Watchic Lake. This was most recently in 2013, when one was captured and tagged near the Inlet Restaurant (Rte. 113 near Watchic Road 19). Derek Yorks of the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) would greatly appreciate any information or sightings of the Blanding’s turtle around Watchic Lake.

Blanding’s turtles are most frequently found in complexes of small acidic wetlands, vernal pools located in forested habitats, in marshes, forest and shrub swamps, and slow-moving streams… many of the habitats are found around Watchic Lake.

The domed shell and yellow chin are distinct for this species of turtle. And a fun fact not known by many is that Blanding’s turtles are very long lived – a female that has been studied since the 1950’s was recaptured at a site in Michigan at 83 years old and still laying eggs.

With a better understanding of the endangered species around our lake, we can do a better job of protecting the lake and watershed. If you think you have spotted a Blanding’s turtle please contact Derek Yorks, IFW Wildlife Biologist at or at (207) 941-4475. A photo, location, and time/date of the observation would be greatly appreciated.

Click here to learn more about the Maine State Endangered Blanding’s Turtle.


Maine Endangered Blanding's Turtle peering from shell (Derek Yorks)

Maine Endangered Blanding's Turtle in its shell