Invasive Milfoil Found on Long Lake Maine

Just 10 miles from Watchic Lake, Long Lake has recently been found to be infested with variable leaf milfoil. “On August 1st the Lakes Environmental Association and Maine Department of Environmental Protection have identified variable leaf milfoil growing in Long Lake. Long Lake had previously been thought to be safe from this invasive aquatic plant, but substantial growth has been found in Mast Cove in Naples” (Maine Lakes Association).

PLEASE HELP KEEP WATCHIC LAKE INVASIVE FREE! Always remove all plants from your canoe, kayak, boat, trailer, oars/paddles, fishing gear and anchor when going in and out of a body of water. Dispose of any plants in the trash – not onto the ground. Please encourage your friends, neighbors, renters to follow these simple guidelines!

Variable leaf milfoil

Variable leaf milfoil has the potential to occupy large areas of Watchic Lake because the water body is relatively shallow with many coves; perfect for milfoil growth. This invasive plant grows and spreads incredibly quickly.

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