Watchic Lake Loons Doing Well – October 2017

Teen and adult loons on Watchic Lake October 2017This year, two baby loons were born on the east end of the lake.  We are happy to report that the two chicks are successfully finding food on their own, look healthy and are exploring the entire lake.

The island loons did build and sit on a nest but, the fate of the one baby is unknown.  We suspect that the parents abandoned the nest because of too much human interaction (but only they will know for sure).  This led to many gatherings of teen loons and lots of squabbling between them and the four adults for territory (see photo of four teens and two adults).

In July 2017 we participated in the annual Audubon Loon Count and on that day we reported seven loons on the lake; five adults and two babies; good signs of a healthy lake. We look forward to participating again next year. Click here for more information on Watchic Lake loons.

Please contact Kim and Steve Lajoie with updates, questions or concerns regarding the loons. And as always “Watch Out for Loons”.