Two Maine Towns Learn the Importance of Dam Maintenance

The WLA is often asked why we need to manage and fund dam maintenance. The experience in the Maine towns of Readfield and Winthrop (on Maranacook Lake) provide good examples of why dam maintenance and occasionally major repairs are needed. The towns rebuilt their dam more than 20 years ago, but with limited maintenance and increased rainfall and flooding, the dam now needs to be rebuilt and improved, at a cost of $400,000. This cost will be covered by the two towns and some private donations.

WLA volunteers manage the Watchic Lake dam year-round, making adjustments and minor repairs as needed. Watchic Lake users benefit with less damage to the shoreline, minimal flooding during heaving rains, and shorefront habitat that encourages loons to nest and return to Watchic Lake.

Our dam was recently rebuilt and the water release capacity increased, thanks to your support and work done by WLA volunteers. We are confident the dam is good working order today, but we must remain diligent and financially prepared to address emergency repairs/replacement of the dam. Your continued financial support of the WLA will help meeting any dam emergencies.

You can read the full story in the Central Maine News here:  Readfield, Winthrop officials moving forward with dam repair. Taxpayers will have to pay an additional $300,000 for the work.