Lets Keep Out Invasive Plants!

We are fortunate that Watchic Lake has not experienced invasive plants such as variable leaf milfoil or Eurasian watermilfoil. Lets keep it that way!

Always remove all plants from your canoe, kayak, boat, trailer, oars/paddles, fishing gear and anchor when going in and out of a body of water. Dispose of any plants in the trash – not onto the ground. Let your watercraft dry. More details can be found in State of Maine Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook.  Before bringing your watercraft into the lake please:

  • Look for hitchhiking plants anywhere on the boat/kayak/canoe and trailer where they could be caught by rough edges.
  • Clean off any mud, plants (even small fragments), and animals from boats, trailers and equipment (including fishing gear)
  • Drain boat, live well, engine and equipment away from water.
  • Dry anything that comes into contact with water. Let the watercraft dry.
  • Never leave waters with live fish, or release plants or animals into a body of water unless they came out of that body of water.

And please make sure to educate visitors and guests to your camp regarding ways they can protect the lake.