Spring 2020 Dam Closing

Old photo of original dam

Watchic Lake Dam CA 1912

This year the dam was closed on March 26 (shortly after ice out). We close the dam to raise the lake to the summer full pond level. Full pond will be reached in about two to three weeks depending on the weather. Ice out occurred on about March 23 this year, a bit earlier than previous years (see all dates).

As a reminder, to address seasonal changes, the dam gate is opened to lower the water level on about October 15 (generally Columbus Day), and is closed again to raise the water level shortly after ice-out (between late-March and late-April). This helps avoid shore damage from winter ice and protect loon nests in the spring. The water level will generally decrease/increase by about 18 inches over a two-week period following the opening/closing of the dam gate.

The dam is operated and maintained by the Watchic Lake Association dam committee. Click/touch here to read more about the Watchic Lake dam.