Summer 2020 Invasive Plant Patrol Completed

In August of 2020, a group of 10 WLA board members and volunteers surveyed Watchic Lake for invasive plant species – none were found. This is fifth year in a row that a thorough inventory of lake plants has been completed. As a member of the Lakes Steward of Maine (formerly VLMP) Invasive Plant Patrol program, we are asked to submit an inventory of the native and invasive plants found in the lake. You can read the full report here in Managing the Threat of Invasive Plants.

We are fortunate that Watchic Lake has not experienced invasive plants such as variable leaf milfoil or Eurasian watermilfoil… but we need to remain diligent. Always remove all plants from your canoe, kayak, boat, trailer, oars/paddles, fishing gear and anchor when going in and out of a body of water. Dispose of any plants in the trash – not onto the ground. Let your watercraft dry.