August 4th Social Event – Great Response

Thank you to all that joined us at the Outpost Public House Restaurant on Wednesday August 4th. Over 60 people attended and the feedback was positive as folks had a chance to meet some of their Watchic Lake neighbors, learn about the lake, purchase some Watchic Lake items, and have some food and drink. Many attendees took their food and drink outdoors on the covered porch connected to the meeting room.

An overview was provided on the status of the DEP Section 319 grant. Click here for flyer.

The food and service provided by the Outpost was outstanding – thank to all at the Outpost.

Post event feedback via an online survey was very positive:

  • Overall satisfaction: 65% 5 stars and 35% 4 stars
  • 60% felt the event helped them learn more about the lake
  • 95% felt it helped them meet others from the lake
  • The Outpost as a venue was rated well with 65% 5 stars, 30% 4 stars, 5% 3 stars
  • 100% would attend a similar event in the future

Location: Outpost Public House Restaurant, 380 Pequawket Trail (RT 113) Standish, ME 04084. Tel: 207-648-4316