2022 Silent Auction Proxy Bid

Thank you for your interest in bidding on the Watchic Lake Family Photo shoot, offered by professional photographer Stacy Kane.

Your proxy bid will incrementally come into play only as needed. For example, if bidding for the item starts at $250 and you have entered a maximum bid amount of $1,000, your bid will initiate at $250 and move upward to each higher increment as needed until it reaches, but never exceeds, your $1,000 maximum bid amount. In other words, your maximum bid reflects the highest amount you could pay, not necessarily the amount you will pay.

Online bids must be submitted by Friday July 8 at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. In person bids will be accepted at the annual meeting.

Bids will be reviewed and the winning bidder contacted shortly after our July 9, 2022 annual meeting,