Loon Count and Loon Chick Update 2023

The annual Audubon Loon count was also held Saturday, July 15. We had a successful loon count early in the morning. Three new volunteers joined alongside eight seasoned counters. There were quite a few loon sightings. We recorded three loon pairs, four babies and one lone adult loon. 

Shortly after the loon count, Elaine Bradbury spotted a parent loon with two chicks near Watchic Rd 19 (off Route 113). Parents and chicks all seemed well. Photos below.

Thank you to Wendi Rodrigueza, John Burke, Steve Lajoie, Kim Lajoie, Rob Brisk, Monica Mahoney, Cathy Watson, Erica Lebrun, Mandy Lebrun, Jim Simpson, and Paul Baptiste for the loon count. And Elaine for the photos