Second Loon Chick Killed by Blunt Force Trauma

Sadly we report that on Sunday, September 3 at about 5 PM a second loon chick was killed on the lake.  The chick was the one from the Middle Island pair.  Witnesses in the vicinity have stated that they saw the chick swimming just before a float plane landed in the area and saw the dead loon floating after the plane passed by. Rick Green picked up the dead loon and delivered it to a warden he arranged to meet at Kiwanis Beach.  This is the second chick killed by a collision and the third loon that has died on Watchic Lake this season.

As a reminder loons dive deep and for minutes at time in search for food. They can pop up anywhere at any time. PLEASE keep an eye out for them and respect their space when boating. And encourage any visitors to the lake to do the same thing.