Earlier Loon Updates

Loon Update 2014

Thanks to Ben Tripp

Ben Tripp has again contributed some great photos of our Watchic Lake loons. According to Ben, we have two loon families on the lake, each consisting of two adults and two hatched chicks. The chicks are now about three weeks old (as of July 17). The Island loons have the territory from Spear Point to the Big Island and across and north to the Rt 113 side. The Swamp loons have the territory at the other end of the lake, near the inlet by Watchic Road 1.

The Island loons had their nest on “Happy Face Island” (in the usual location on the north side of the island).  The Swamp loons again had their nest down in the inlet by Watchic Road 1.

Loons continue to offer all of us on Watchic Lake some magical moments.

Thanks Ben for the photos and info.

Island Loons on Mother’s Back

Swamp Loons Getting Fed after Hatching

Island Loons Shortly After Hatching

Loon Update August 2013

By Ben Tripp

As of August, the chicks are 6 weeks old now and we now have several visiting loons. During the August we witnessed a bald eagle try to attack the chicks and adults were in complete defense mode and drove the eagle off.

Watchic Lake Loon chick after eagle attack 2013

Loon chick after eagle attack 2013

Watchic Lake Leaping Loon 2013

Leaping Loon 2013

Watchic Lake Adolescent with mom 2012

Adolescent with mom 2012

Watchic Lake Group of visiting loons

Group of visiting loons 2013

Loon Update July 2013

By Ben Tripp

The Island loon chicks hatched on July 5 and 6.  Chicks are already diving and staying down 10 to 15 seconds.

For those of you who are camera buffs, Ben uses a Canon Rebel – xSi from about 2010 and the pictures were shot with a 70-300 zoom lens at 300.

Watchic Lake Loon with Chick on back 2013

Loon with Chick 2013

Loon Update 2011

Baby loons out for a ride with mum…

Watchic Lake Swamp Loon with Chick on back 2011

Loon with chick on back 2011