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Watchic Lake Homeowners Win LakeSmart Award

The Maine LakeSmart Program offers free opportunities for homeowners to learn how to manage their home and yard to protect the water quality of their lake. The primary focus of LakeSmart is to keep our lake water clean by stabilizing eroding areas, reducing the use of chemicals, diverting rainwater into vegetated areas, and maintaining or planting trees, shrubs, and ground cover along the shore-land. Recently two Watchic Lake property owners won this award; David and Eileen Burnell and the McNulty’s
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Paine Neighborhood Runoff Remediation Update

During 2013, based on both observation and property owner feedback, it appears every aspect of the remediation effort has functioned either as expected or better. The remedial work lead by David Bradbury and completed by Emery Brothers corrected the poor drainage from the ponding area near the Parker property. Also, an adjustment to the stone work done at the shoreline of the Oddy property seemed to work satisfactorily. As we go into to 2014, the WLA will continue to work
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