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ME Audubon Turtle Roadkill Survey – Volunteers Needed

Maine Audubon is starting a citizen science project this year to look at turtle roadkill in areas around the state (learn more here). As you may know, the Watchic Lake area is likely home to the endangered Blandings Turtles, so the more we know the better. The work required by volunteers is pretty simple – get trained, walk agreed roads around the lake once or twice a month, and report on any turtles found. Maine Audubon is offering two training
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Algal Blooms – Risks are Real

This recent satellite photo (click on the photo for a larger view) of North and East Ponds in central Maine shows how algal blooms impact water quality. The two lakes are similar in most respects but East Pond (right side) blooms yearly, threatening recreation and property values. This problem is believed to have come about due to increased phosphorus from storm water runoff into East Pond. Years of work by the lake association to stop overland storm water pollution have
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