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2018 Plant Inventory Completed

In August of 2018, ten WLA board members and volunteers surveyed the lake for invasive plant species – none were found. This is the third year in a row that a thorough inventory of lake plants has been completed. As a member of the Lakes Steward of Maine (formerly VLMP) Invasive Plant Patrol program, we submit an inventory of the native and invasive plants found in the lake. 23 native plants were identified over the past two years. To learn
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Watchic Lake Volunteer on Lake Stewardship

At Watchic Lake, we are lucky to have two long term volunteer lake monitors (Eileen and David Burnell) with over 20 years’ experience reporting on water quality in our lake. This year the Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly Maine VLMP) asked monitors to write about what it means to them to be a lake monitor. Eileen was invited to share her submission at the 2018 Lake Stewards of Maine annual meeting. Here is what she said: Our lake home is
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Ten Loons Spotted on the Lake

One of our members was recently surprised to see a large group of loons on the lake – he counted 10 and photographed nine of them. Generally we have four loons on the lake (2 nesting pairs), with an occasional visiting loon. We do have two loon chicks this year as well. Our guess is that with only one nesting pair this year (if you recall one nesting loon killed earlier this year), there are no loons defending the territory
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