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Volunteers Monitoring Water Quality 2019

The water quality committee has completed a mid-summer water quality report which you can read here: 2019 mid-summer report. Also more information can be found in the Water Quality section of this website. In summary, the water quality committee has been out on the lake about 10 times this season checking the water quality.  You may have noticed that the water clarity is lower than usual. Water clarity can change for several reasons. This year one big influencer of lower
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The Ice Cream Boat Returns!

Once again, Watchic Lake Association volunteers Don and Martha Drew, and Agnes and Rick Wiggin captained our Watchic Lake Ice Cream Boat. Nearly 200 ice cream cups and information on protecting the lake were handed out to folks along the shore. And thank your to Hannaford Supermarket in Standish for donating the ice cream!
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