Monthly Archives May 2020

Helpful Covid-19 Info for Lake Users

This information is being provided by the Maine Lake Society to help folks plan for their visits to the lake. There are no guidelines specific for our lake – we encourage all lake users to stay informed of Maine and Standish guidelines as we all navigate these unusual times. From the Maine Lakes Society: Welcome Back to the Lake! To protect your safety and ease your move to camp, we’re offering these navigation aids for smooth sailing in this uncommon
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What is That Stuff in the Water… and Other Mysteries

Every wonder what the stuff is? While its always best to keep erosion out for the lake, take steps to avoid introducing invasive species to the lake, and quickly report suspicious plants, sometimes lakes and streams don’t always look or behave the way we expect. Water can be full of strange colors, unidentified blobs, and swimming creatures. Something that at first glance looks like pollution actually might be a natural phenomenon. The aquatic world is diverse. There are all kinds
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