Your membership dues and donations allows the WLA to provide a myriad of services, such as water quality monitoring and reporting, monitoring the lake and educating users on how to best keep out invasive species, monitoring water level and adjusting the dam as necessary, maintaining the dam, monitoring and reporting on loon health, securing various grants and donations to address lake and watershed issues.

The WLA does not manage private property or road associations around the lake, and thus membership does imply access to the lake. Membership allows participation in WLA business as noted below.

Voting rights are limited to two members per parcel of land bounded by the shore of Watchic Lake or to two members per parcel of land with a deeded right of way for access to the Lake. Non-deeded property owners such as renters, extended family and others concerned with protecting the lake are encouraged to join the WLA as a Friend of Watchic Lake.  Contact us regarding a Lifetime Membership.

The WLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible to the full amount allowed by law. Our address is Watchic Lake Association, P.O. Box 319, Standish ME  04084.

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