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Watchic Lake Loons Doing Well – October 2017

This year, two baby loons were born on the east end of the lake.  We are happy to report that the two chicks are successfully finding food on their own, look healthy and are exploring the entire lake. The island loons did build and sit on a nest but, the fate of the one baby is unknown.  We suspect that the parents abandoned the nest because of too much human interaction (but only they will know for sure).  This led
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Take a Break – Retire your Rake!

And help the lake. Did you know nature recycles? Tree leaves are fed by the nutrients in your soil, which they return when they fall. It’s crazy to bag up and remove leaves, and then replace those missing nutrients with applications of petrochemical fertilizers (which can harm the lake). Instead, rake or blow leaves from gardens and paved areas into a 5-inch deep pile in a corner of your yard that you can run over with your mower several times
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