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New ME Law Requires Septic System Inspections for Lakefront Properties Starting in 2020

Beginning on January 1, 2020, home buyers in Maine will be required to complete septic system inspections before the purchase of lakefront and riverfront homes and camps. The new law, LD 216 was signed on April 22, 2019 and extends existing laws that require home buyers of coastal shoreland properties to complete septic system inspections prior completing the purchase. Supporters, including the WLA, believe the law will help in detecting and repairing faulty septic systems that leak pollutants into adjacent
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Is Your Raft Floating Around the Lake?

Property owners around the lake have noticed a raft that has been floating freely about the lake over the past few months. Its currently in the vicinity of Blueberry Island.  It’s a nice looking raft… photo included. If you are the owner, we suggest you pick it up. Or, if you know who might own the raft, please encourage them to pick it up. For everyone on the lake; rafts/docks/kayaks/etc. come lose. It’s a good idea to have your name
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2019 Water Quality Monitoring Update

WLA volunteers, as part of the our water quality monitoring program, have reinstalled our red buoy system on the south end of the lake, about mid-way between Watchic Road 5 and East Eleanor Ave (the deepest part of the lake at ~40 feet or 12.5 m). Please use caution when boating near the buoy. Click/touch here to read more about the technology. In addition to gathering the buoy data, David and Eileen Burnell (certified by the Lake Stewards of Maine)
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