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Living with Loons… Back after Ice-out

Watchic Lake is fortunate to have one or two loon families on the lake each year (specifically “Common Loons”). After spending the winter on the Maine coast, they have already arrived shortly after ice out, They generally nest on one of the islands or in the swamp. Each year they parade their chicks for us to enjoy. Maine Audubon provides a wonderful poster on how to live with loons. You can find it here: Living in Loon Territory. Check it
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Dam closed March 27… Spring and summer is on the way!

The dam functioned flawlessly over the past winter. This year the dam was closed March 27, 2021 shortly after ice out on March 27 (which is one of the earlier ice-out dates we have seen). There has been little rain recently, and little is forecast for the middle of April, so the raising the lake to the summer full pond level may take two to four weeks, depending on the weather. As a reminder, to address seasonal changes the dam
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