Monthly Archives February 2023

Hannaford Helps the WLA – Again!

The Watchic Lake Association has been selected again to be a part of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program during the month of March 2023. We hope we can count on you to buy your first, or a few more of the Hannaford Community Reusable Bags during the month of March at the Hannaford store located in Standish. For each environmentally friendly bag sold during March the WLA will receive $1. Thank you so much for your continued support of
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Thank to Our Many Watchic Lake Heroes!

During 2022 many Watchic Lake members and visitors made donations to the WLA above and beyond their dues. And a number of members participated in the DEP Section 319 grant and made significant cash match payments to help complete their projects. Thank you to these heroes, for your time and investment to help keep the lake clean and healthy!
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Completed – Watchic Lake 2020 DEP Section 319 Grant

We are pleased to announce that all work on our Watchic Lake Protection Project has been completed and approved by Maine DEP. Through these projects, an estimated 2.33 tons of sediment and 1.99 pounds of phosphorus will be prevented from washing into Watchic Lake each year. 112.5 feet of streambank or shoreline will be protected. These reductions will help maintain good water quality leading to better quality of life for all on the lake. Working together with the Maine DEP,
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