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Loon Count and Update July 2022

A dedicated group of Watchic Lake volunteers went out for the Audubon Loon Count on Saturday morning, July 16. Eight adult loons and two loon chicks were counted. All seemed well. Thank you Dana Albert for the following photos of the two July 2022 loon chicks and their parents. ...

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Successful Meet and Greet on July 20

Thank you the 40+ Watchic Lake users and and owners who joined us Wednesday July 20 at the newly reopened Outpost Bar and Grill. This was a great chance to catch up on what’s new on the lake, meet new neighbors, purchase Watchic Lake gear, and support a local business. ...

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New Maine Boating Regulations

Maine will begin to phase in a mandatory boating safety and education course for boaters on inland waters. The course will include education on no wake zones to wildlife and water quality, how to avoid harassing or harming wildlife and the imperative that boats be cleaned of inva ...

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Lake Friendly Spring Cleanup

Whether opening your camp after the winter, and doing some springing cleaning are your year round home, consider these lake friendly Spring Cleaning Tips from LakeSmart. This short guide provides information on disposing of yard waste, septic system do’s and don’ts, c ...

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Helpful Info for Folks Renting Their Camps

Watchic Lake offers clean water, swimming, good fishing, and a variety of wildlife. If you rent your camp or offer it to friends and relatives, please encourage them to help protect the lake. The attached single page “Renters and Visitors Guide” provides useful tips t ...

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Upcoming and Recent Events

This listing includes events happening on Watchic Lake or in Standish. Many other regional events ca...

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Spring is on the way and the dam has been closed

Dam Closed April 5 2023. To address seasonal changes, the dam gate is closed to raise the water leve...

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