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Social Event – Outpost Bar and Grill

Join us at the Outpost Bar and Grill for a chance to get to know your Watchic Lake neighbors Wednesday August 30 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to socialize with others on the lake, learn about how you can help protect the lake, share experiences, and share ...

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Great Interest in Dam Operations

16 people showed up for a tour of the Watchic Lake dam. They were given a history of the dam (it dates back to the late 1800s) and the more recent renovations. Folks were shown how the dam operates, much like it did two centuries ago using very large and very heavy wrenches. Than ...

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Loon Count and Loon Chick Update 2023

The annual Audubon Loon count was also held Saturday, July 15. We had a successful loon count early in the morning. Three new volunteers joined alongside eight seasoned counters. There were quite a few loon sightings. We recorded three loon pairs, four babies and one lone adult l ...

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Hannaford Helps the WLA – Again!

The Watchic Lake Association has been selected again to be a part of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program during the month of March 2023. We hope we can count on you to buy your first, or a few more of the Hannaford Community Reusable Bags during the month of March at the Han ...

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Thank to Our Many Watchic Lake Heroes!

During 2022 many Watchic Lake members and visitors made donations to the WLA above and beyond their dues. And a number of members participated in the DEP Section 319 grant and made significant cash match payments to help complete their projects. Thank you to these heroes, for you ...

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Amazon to End Amazon Smile Program

Amazon announced that it is winding down it’s AmazonSmile program by February 20, 2023. Purchases made before February 20, 2023, will continue to generate donations from Amazon. The WLA wishes to thank those of you who took advantage of AmazonSmile. Your participation led to near ...

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Upcoming and Recent Events

This listing includes events happening on Watchic Lake or in Standish. Many other regional events ca...

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Maine Boating Safety Course March 17, 2024 Standish

The Standish Fish and Game Club will host a Boating Safety Course instructed by volunteers for the M...

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