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Volunteers Monitoring Water Quality 2019

The water quality committee has completed a mid-summer water quality report which you can read here: 2019 mid-summer report. Also more information can be found in the Water Quality section of this website. In summary, the water quality committee has been out on the lake about 10 ...

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The Ice Cream Boat Returns!

Once again, Watchic Lake Association volunteers Don and Martha Drew, and Agnes and Rick Wiggin captained our Watchic Lake Ice Cream Boat. Nearly 200 ice cream cups and information on protecting the lake were handed out to folks along the shore. And thank your to Hannaford Superma ...

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Lets Keep Out Invasive Plants!

We are fortunate that Watchic Lake has not experienced invasive plants such as variable leaf milfoil or Eurasian watermilfoil. Lets keep it that way! Always remove all plants from your canoe, kayak, boat, trailer, oars/paddles, fishing gear and anchor when going in and out of a b ...

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Is Your Raft Floating Around the Lake?

Property owners around the lake have noticed a raft that has been floating freely about the lake over the past few months. Its currently in the vicinity of Blueberry Island.  It’s a nice looking raft… photo included. If you are the owner, we suggest you pick it up. Or, if y ...

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2019 Water Quality Monitoring Update

WLA volunteers, as part of the our water quality monitoring program, have reinstalled our red buoy system on the south end of the lake, about mid-way between Watchic Road 5 and East Eleanor Ave (the deepest part of the lake at ~40 feet or 12.5 m). Please use caution when boating ...

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2018 Water Quality Report Available

We have completed our 2018 water quality report for Watchic Lake and its tributaries. This report also includes a summary of water quality over the past three years. In summary, the report states that while water quality is good today, nutrients entering the lake continue to pose ...

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Upcoming and Recent Events

This listing includes events and happening on Watchic Lake. Many other regional events can foun...

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Helpful Covid-19 Info for Lake Users

This information is being provided by the Maine Lake Society to help folks plan for their visits to...

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